WordPress + React = ReactPress

Written by D. Moore Jr.

May 8, 2022

At the dawn of a new age, the line between drag-and-drop builders (aka. “wysiwygs”) and (custom-built) single-page applications begins to blur. With the help of open source technology, at DMH, we are proud to announce the coming of ReactPress.

ReactPress is a WordPress plug-in that is designed to inject a single-page application (aka. a “SPA”) into a single page within WordPress. Many JavaScript libraries such as Next.js and Gatsby are designed to generate static sites — similar to what WordPress does — from JavaScript, as opposed to a UI or PHP, which is rendered server-side (aka. “SSR”). The term “static site generator” (aka. “SSG”) has been used for decades to identify such applications that compile different types of code-based configurations and output static HTML.

With ReactPress and the help of a few other services, such as Cloudflare Workers, there is no limit to what can be done. There is no need to build a back end on the same site that you’re using to host WordPress — that belongs to WP. There’s no need for headless CMS. All of your WP integrations are managed within the WP Admin console and everything else is managed with service workers.

At the dawn of a new age, the line between drag-and-drop builders and single-page applications begins to blur.

What does this mean moving forward?

In the long-term, there are a lot of processes and libraries to be managed. There are a lot of moving parts out-of-the-box. At DMH, we are dedicated to assisting with other open source projects that we depend on, such as ReactPress. After all, if something breaks, it has to be fixed.

How do I use ReactPress?

We predict that by the middle of May, we should have a working example of ReactPress that allows our customers to register domains online. The same registration form that we build can be used for countless scenarios. If you need a custom-built form that isn’t included in your CRM, for example, ReactPress is for you!

That being said, React.js developers are few and far between. You should do your best to find an example from your CRM (for example) that may replace any custom-built forms that you may need. If you’re struggling to find the solution that you seek, then ReactPress may be just what you need. So, if you have a use case that isn’t covered anywhere — there are no CRMs or Zaps that can mitigate the issue, there’s always ReactPress and custom-built SPAs.

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