BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, Sept. 19th — Back in October of 2021, DM Holdings launched a web app that we call our “Development Hub” or “DevHub”. The initial purpose of the DevHub was to help our team (as well as our users) organize data into visible information. Data such as websites, traffic and analytics, DNS records, billing, support, domain registrations, email addresses, admin dashboards, CRM, project management, apps, documentation, affiliates, demos, learning, and even new hires.

Broken SDKs

Fast-forward to September of 2022. The authentication SDK built by Okta is now incompatible with our hosting platform—Vercel. Therefore, only a single user is able to use the Development Hub locally. To make a long story short, the @auth0/nextjs-auth0 npm package is designed to use dynamic routes that are being blocked off by our hosting company and we cannot currently offer that as a publicly accessible application.

That doesn’t mean you can’t organize your data

During registration, there is an onboarding process during which all accounts (such as e-mail and SMS accounts) that are “held” by DM Holdings are transferred to the client. You are always able to manage anything and everything that is delivered to you.

Here is a list of things that come with our SaaS Package:

If you are on a website-only plan, chances are you can manage everything from your DreamHost Dashboard. We will send you an email with a link to your Dashboard to manage your account as soon as it’s created.

Creating an Account in the DM Holdings CRM

Currently, our SaaS Package includes a white-labelled version of HighLevel CRM. We are currently on the “Freelancer” package—a step up from the “Starter” package which only allows for 2 accounts. Our Freelancer package does not allow us to create accounts automatically using an online form.

For those interested in our SaaS Package

Please contact an agent. We will create the account for you and transfer the rights to you immediately.

Once we upgrade to the “Agency Pro” package (~$5k per year), we will have the ability to create accounts using the API, which will make both of our lives a lot easier!

New Ad Campaigns

We are now running a special offer for $119 per Page DFY Websites, $99 per Sales Funnel, and $19 for VPS hosting or $59 per month for hosting with our SaaS Package. Online registration is currently unavailable. Contact an agent for more details.