What is The Development Hub?

Written by D. Moore Jr.

May 16, 2022

What is the Development Hub?

Here at DMH, our proprietary Development Hub consists of a dashboard full of tools to help you manage your website(s). From domain registration, hosting plans, apps, and new hires to DNS records, email, WordPress, CRMs, and project management, the Development Hub has it all!

Manage Multiple Websites

Inside the DevHub, you’ll find two different views: the Agency View and the Domain View. Switch between the Agency and Domain views to manage multiple websites simultaneously.

Do you have multiple teams that you manage? Do all of them have a different domain that they’re working on? Do they sometimes switch domains? Set up new staging environments for each team using subdomains or “dummy” domains and then migrate your website via WordPress or GitHub.

Manage Multiple Teams

With our proprietary Hiring Engine and best-in-class Project Management tools, you can manage multiple teams to complete tasks on multiple projects simultaneously. Each time you submit a work order, your order is processed by our project managers and you receive up to three revisions before you must approve or deny a contract. When you approve of your design, the contract is signed and the development process begins. After your order is complete, you receive an itemized invoice containing all of the work that was done for you (including the individuals that worked for you and the hours that they spent), which you should keep for your records.

Domain Registrations and Hosting

While we do offer domain registrations a la carte, it just makes more sense to purchase a hosting plan with it. Our hosting plans sell for $2.98 per month and up. If you need a better hosting plan, please contact support, as all hosting plans are managed by our own staff members. Allowing users to manage their own hosting plans from their DevHub Dashboard is something we would like to work on, but it’s currently out of the scope of the first update that is due to roll out by the end of May, 2022.


While much of what we do at DM Holdings Inc. is still managed by the staff members here, we are working on making it so that you can manage everything just like a professional web developer. The DMH Development Hub is built for web developers; by web developers! 💪

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